Rukmal Weerawarana at the University of Washington Foster School of Business graduation

Rukmal Weerawarana

I am a Software Engineer on the Data Science team at ExtraHop Networks. The Data Science team is the R&D organization behind ExtraHop's Cloud Machine Learning Service for Reveal(X), a Big Data scale Network Detection and Response (NDR) ML SaaS solution.

I graduated from the Stevens Institute of Technology with a Master of Science in Financial Engineering. I also have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Business Economics from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

During graduate school, I worked on signal processing algorithms for Neuroprosthetics, intended for use by patients with late-stage Parkinson's Disease at the Sensorimotor Control Lab. At the RPI-IBM HEALS Research Center, I explored the notion of quantifying trustability in academic publications from the structure of citation graphs, for use in medical Knowledge Graph systems.

At UW, I led the Business Management and Impact Development groups on the UW Hyperloop team. We were one of the first teams in the world to successfully design, manufacture, and test an operational Hyperloop Pod at the SpaceX Hyperloop Facility. I also worked on designing Avionics systems for the UW CubeSAT, which was launched into low-Earth orbit in 2019.

I spent most of my childhood in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where I also completed my K-12 education.

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